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Honoring Love with Innovative Filmography

Honoring Love with Innovative Filmography 

Working in the wedding industry, one is often surrounded by extremely creative and competent teams of people, whose sole mission is to transmogrify into the very dream weavers that make a couple's "big day" everything they imagined.  Many succeed, but few go above and beyond.  Few capture the extraordinary intimate dance of two souls daring to believe that lifelong love is possible. Amor in Motion is one such example. The videographers at Amor in Motion dare to step beyond professionalism. They possess that rare blend of technical 'know-how' and artistic intuition that translates into the kind of ineffable magic so many dream of on their wedding day.  The staff is compromised of an innovative and schooled team of filmmakers whose attention to detail and knack for storytelling set them apart aesthetically and philosophically from any other wedding-media outlet in the city. All one needs to do is visit their website, and one is immediately swept into the graceful nuance of love, life, and landscape, meticulously scored, and edited with extraordinary craftsmanship.  Their breathtaking work is truly a gift to experience. The fact that they use their talents to honor love in such an intimate manner, speaks so highly of their dedicated team, and it's mission to bring excellence to the industry.
Please enjoy our conversation with the Creative Director of Amor In Motion: 

Kensington: What kind of camera do you use?  
Amor: 6D, GH4, and A7s.

K: Why did you choose this equipment over all other choices?  
Amor: We really like the skin color tone that Canon delivers and the slow-motion and cinematic look of the GH4 as well as the amazing low-light capabilities and other features of the A7s and A7s mark II.

K: What got you into this field?  
Amor: My passion for music and experience in music production, and its overlap with the film industry.

K: Did you have formal training? Or did you learn on the go? 
Amor: Our team of cinematographers have all studied film or media/arts, but my background is actually in music production.  

K: What is your favorite moment with a couple?  
Amor: When they forget everything and everyone around them and enjoy themselves.  It's those stolen moments that we aim to capture.

K: What is your favorite element of the wedding/event industry?  
Amor: Becoming best friends with the couple by the end of the night!  Maybe this is unusual but I can't even count how many times the bride and groom have clung onto me during my goodbye and begged me to stay for a few shots and to party with them.  A close second is when we've finished a highlight film and hold our breath as we hit "SEND."  Many times we get a response within minutes, and I'm talking 5 paragraphs of pure excitement.  It's a wonderful feeling.

K: Do you have a favorite memory?  
Amor: Once this couple texted me a photo of themselves after watching their video, all puffy eyed and red.  It was awesome.

K: Who are three videographers you look up to/ inspire you? 
Amor: Edgar Reyes, Salomon Lightelm and Francisco Montoro  

K: What piece of advice would you give to a couple in choosing a videographer? 
Amor: Watch more than just one of their films.  Every company has a few portfolio worthy pieces, those are the ones on their main page.  How many others are they displaying?  How long have they been in business?  How many reviews have they accumulated during that time?  Don't be fooled by fancy terms like "award winning" and "featured by.."  I came across a company whose title said something like "World reknown ...owner's name here."  I could not find him anywhere.  
K: What is your favorite moment you have captured?  
Amor: Too hard to pick just one!  Generally speaking I love picking up on the relationship dynamic of a couple and really portraying that in film.  I think every wedding cinematographer would agree that working with people who are crazy in love is the best luck you can have.  

Has there ever been a moment you thought you missed but upon editing realized you captured? 

Amor: This is somewhat of a nerve-wracking industry isn't it?!  There are no do-overs, you get one opportunity to capture a moment.  There have been a few scares but thankfully things have always worked out. 

K: What do you feel are the pros and cons of the wedding/event industry?  
Amor: This may not be the kind of answer you want to publish but the level of superficiality sometimes gets to me.  Just a bit too hallmark.  I'm a dude, but still, when it's more about the place, the vendors, and the decor...and the couple is burned out from planning...they've kind of missed the point.  It's a shame when one gets so wrapped up in everything going smoothly that they miss out on the joy and significance of what is really taking place.  Hire yourself a good planner and don't let the small details get to you!  Nevertheless, we try to make them comfortable, make them remember the reason they're doing this.  

K: What piece of advice would you give to an aspiring videographer?  
Amor: Shoot! Shoot! Shoot!  Get out there with your camera and use it every opportunity you get, and then watch and edit your own footage!  Only by being familiar with your footage will you be able to improve.  I'm still working on things.  Coasting does not set you apart from others.  

K: What is that something special you give to your clients?  
Amor: Our desire to improve and impress and to create a really unique experience.  Each film is meant to be a work of art.  We hope that shows.  In addition to the film, we add a personalized hand drawn title to each piece - we use this in each film and then engrave it on the box they receive with their hard drive:  Artistic process.  Some couples have taken advantage of this value-add and used the title in their wedding invitations

K: Do you have any deals/special offers going on you would like to mention?  
Amor: We'll launch promotions from time to time, mainly through the winter season. Never hurts to ask!

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Peering Through The Lens of an Extraordinary Photographer

Kensington sits down with Ryan Brandoff of Brandoff Photography....

     Though photography has become one of the most popular artistic mediums of the 21st century, thanks to the numerous technological devices available, it still remains a mysterious craft.  As one scrolls through photographs on any social media platform, taking stock of the moments that capture and characterize the most precious moments of life, true portraiture remains ineffable. Which is why Ryan Brandoff’s work is so extraordinary.  There is such professionalism imbued in each photograph, the viewer becomes transfixed by the subject, and forgets for a moment that they are looking at an image.  It is no wonder that Brandoff cites photographers such as Vivian Maier, Yousef Karsh, and Steve MuCurry as influences.  He possesses the unique ability to allow his client’s personalities to shine forth, which makes for photographs that stand the test of time.  A true student of the form, Brandoff apprenticed under a photographer for two years as he was getting his professional bearings, which allowed him to seamlessly blend the line between his craft and his calling.  He is a firm believer that one should never stop learning and exploring the medium, and with over 35 weddings a year, in addition to the many other professional photographic pursuits, his explorations and options are endless.   His work has been featured in the Huffington Post, and he has had the opportunity to photograph celebrities such as actor/director Freddy Rodriguez, and America’s Got Talented Finalist, Cas Haley.   And yet despite his skill, it is his personality and his love for people that shines through the most.  He truly loves what he does, and loves the people for whom he does it. 

Following is a short interviews conducted between Kensington Florals and Events, and Ryan Brandoff.  For information and access to Ryan’s portfolio/website, please scroll to the end of the article.

Kensington: What kind of camera do you use? 
Brandoff: Canon 5D3, Canon 7D2, 5D2, 60D

K: Why did you choice that?
B: This equipment had the highest rating among photographers and the best lens selections

K: What got you into this field?
B: [It was a] natural progression. I went from photographing events and portraits on separate occasions, to combining them on a wedding day.

K: Did you have formal training? Or did you learn on the go?
B: Yes, I had formal training. I was an apprentice with a photographer for 2 years.

K: What is your favorite moment with a couple?
B: The portraits. That's where my art really gets to show.

K: What is your favorite element of the wedding/event industry?
B: It's a culmination of all the skills learned throughout my career, and I get to work with the best people on the happiest day of their lives.

K: Do you have a favorite memory?
B: When I had to conduct a ceremony because the officiant didn't show. Yes, I am an ordained minister.

K: What is the strangest shot a couple has asked for?
B: The bridal party running away from zombies. Needless to say, Photoshop was needed.

K: Who are three photographer you look up to/ inspire you?
B: Steve MuCurry, Yousuf Karsh, Vivian Maier. 
   -Steve MuCurry has the incredible ability to capture raw emotion in a single image. His pictures speak not 1000 words, but more like 1,000,000.  
   -Yousuf Karsh's images are some of the most famous portraits ever captured. His impeccable composition and technical execution aside, he is able to capture his subjects in a way that represents their entire personality in a single image. 
   -Vivian Maier, much like Yousef, is again able to capture expressions and emotions, not in a studio like Yousef, but through street photography, or perhaps to say a more "journalistic" approach.

K: What piece of advice would you give to a couple in choosing a photographer?
B: Always make sure that personalities match...Its very important to choose my skill, but personality can make or break the day.

K: Was there ever been a moment you thought you missed but upon editing realized you captured?
B: Not really. I'm very adamant about making sure that everything is checked and re-checked.

K: What do you feel are the pros and cons of the wedding/event industry?
B: Pros: Fun and exciting, the artistry, the beautiful venues, great food, and the fact that every wedding is    different
    Cons: Long hours, a lot "on the line", no re-dos

K: What piece of advice would you give to an aspiring photographer?
B: Never stop learning, and never get jaded or over confident. 

K: What is that something special you give to your clients?
B: I give the personality, skill, and experience. I like to think that I people never have to guess if the shots are going to be good.

K: Do you have any deals/special offers going on you would like to mention?
B: All wedding packages booked before Valentines day are 5% off

K: What contact info should we include in your blog? (number, address, email, website link)
B: Ryan Brandoff Photography
K: Anything about yourself/the business/the industry you would like to talk about?
B:     I was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, and currently living in the Chicago neighborhood Old Irving Park. I live with my wife Lauren and our pet reptile family. I am 27 years old, I was married in October of 2012 and love to spend time playing and listening to music, cooking, riding bicycles through the city, long cruises on my motorcycle, and am active in my church.
    My work has been used by many non-for profit organizations, as well as many local and national businesses. I've been featured in articles for The Huffington Post, and as well as other smaller web-based news channels. My photos have been used for nationally distributed product catalogs, and I've also have had opportunities to photograph well-known celebrities such as actor/director Freddy Rodriquez and nationally touring musical recording artist and 2nd place winner on America's Got Talent; Cas Haley. On average I shoot 35 weddings a year, as well as countless model, portrait, and other miscellaneous events and sessions.

   I take great pride in my work and some would call me a little bit of a nerd...

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The Art in Beauty

Kensington sits down with Beauty for Bloggers, Maritza Buelvas, to discuss… The Art of Beauty 

Maritza Buelvas is the kind of hairstylist that every girl dreams of having on her wedding day.  Drawing from both modern and classic influences, Buelvas infuses each style she performs with softness, romance, and whimsy.  Having been in the business for a respectable 10 years, this self-taught hair guru has drawn the attention of the most well-respected media publications in the beauty industry, including Glamour, Jessica Alba's Honest Company blog,, and Cameron Diaz's Body Book, among many others. But this notoriety has not changed her grounded philosophy that a stylist must be a humble, attentive, and calming presence on one of the most important days of a client's life. With the perfect blend of intuition and know how, Buelvas creates inspired, innovative styles to suit the individuality and vision of each bride. Her attention to detail, and her respect for her clients is what makes her a truly extraordinary, sought-after artist. Here is a brief interview Kensington did with Buelvas, along with pictures from her portfolio, and contact information:

Kensington: What got you into this field?
Buelvas: The fact that I love doing hair (I could do it since the age of 5) and that I love romance--so weddings are a natural fit!

K: Did you have formal training? Or did you learn on the go?
B: I'm completely self taught. My mom is a sculptor and my aunt had her own successful beauty shop so I naturally get it from them!

K: What is your favorite element of the wedding/event industry?
B: Meeting a new batch of lovely clients every year and being a part of their special day. I also love learning and experiencing the new trends every year!

K: Do you have a favorite memory?
B: Two stick out: My own wedding day (I did my own hair) and the first wedding I ever did (the bride had no idea it was my first time doing a wedding).

K: Who are three beauticians you look up to/ inspire you? 
B: Oribe, Chris McMilllan, and Lisa Eldridge because she can do anything beauty related. I would love to meet her one day!!

K: What piece of advice would you give to a couple in choosing a beautician?
B: Artistry is key, but so is customer service. Go with your have to jive with that person. Stay away from artists who aren't authentic in their work and their approach.

K: What is that something special you give to your clients? 
B: My ear. I'm very attentive! I also personalize my approach and aesthetic to each individual client. I've been told I bring a calming presence to the big day.

K: What do you feel are the pros and cons of the wedding/event industry?
B: Pros: It's truly a magical industry.  Cons: The very early morning hours, having to work weekends, holidays...

K: What piece of advice would you give to an aspiring beautician? 
B: Practice your craft, be professional, be humble, and know that mutual client-artist respect is crucial from the first point of contact and especially on the wedding day!

K: Who is your favorite celebrity, what is their style, why is it your favorite?
B: Jennifer Aniston--polished, classic, beautiful. I love her hair, and her outlook. She's "America's Best Girlfriend"!

K: Where can potential clients/admirers find your work, and/or contact you?
instagram: for latest work follow @beautyforbloggers
location: Near north suburbs, Chicago suburban
K: Is there anything about yourself/the business/the industry you would like to talk about?
B: I'm a published hair artist and accomplished beauty professional/writer. Here's my work for ​BHLDN that appeared on Glamour. My work has appeared on and Cameron Diaz's The Body Book Blog, Jessica Alba's Honest, Glamour, Beauty High, The Everygirl, Glitter Guide, Darling, Chalkboard Mag, SMP, Ruffled, WGN, NBC, Thoughtfully Magazine and more.

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Choosing Your Wedding Party 5 Tips To Consider

Choosing Your Wedding Party
5 Tips To Consider
Guest Blogger Dane Kolbaba

You’re engaged! Congratulations! Now it’s time to plan your big day but who is going to be part of that planning process? Brides and Grooms always have a hard time narrowing down their list of attendants but don’t stress! Here are a few tips to choosing your wedding party.

Photo provided by Chicago Party Bus

Think Before You Ask
·         Sometimes the first reaction is to ask all your best friends and family to be in your wedding party. This is something you should really think through because once you have asked someone to be party of your big day, you can’t really UN ask them. A key to deciding which of your friends to ask is looking at not who your current group of friends are but who will be there years from now. Maybe you just met someone recently who you’ve become close to and think, I have to ask this person to stand up in my wedding, but that’s not necessarily the case. Do you see this person in your life in the future? Narrow down this list by going through each of your friends. Take your time and talk it over with your fiancĂ©.  Find out from him how many close friends he would like to stand up so you both have an idea on how many people to invite.

How Big Is Your Wedding
·         If you are having an intimate get together with just close family and friends, having 20 people in the wedding party may not make sense. In this case it may be best just to have one or two like your sister or your soon to be sister in law or your best friend from childhood. If there are more people you want to include and feel like they should be part of the wedding, find small roles for them like a reading at the church or being an usher.

Best Man and Maid/Matron of Honor
·         You may have some really close friends and it’s hard to choose who will take on the role of Best Man or Maid/Matron of Honor. Really take a look at what roles your attendants will be doing. Some people are just better at organizing things than others and some are better at planning a party. Maybe your sister is extremely disorganized but your Type A friend would have everything in order. In this case, maybe your friend would be better for the role of Maid/Matron of Honor because the responsibilities would better suit her personality.   

Don’t Ask Someone Just Because They Asked You
·         This is one most people have an issue with but it is not necessary to ask someone to be in your wedding just because you were in theirs. If you stood up in a wedding years ago and don’t speak to this person as often as you did, don’t feel obligated to have them stand up in your wedding. If you think this can get a little uncomfortable, speak to the person and be honest. If you aren’t as close as you were then they should understand.

Kids Are Not a Requirement
·         It is not necessary to have a ring bearer or flower girls even if your nieces are begging for it and your sister is already looking for dresses. You can choose to eliminate this all together and choose to not have any kids have any roles in the wedding. However, if you really want to include children in your wedding and you are having trouble deciding between the 25 cousins, nieces and nephews or others you are close to, you can always have multiple roles. Five flower girls, 2 ring bearers or mini attendants who hand out fans or pamphlets. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing though. Sit down with your fiancĂ© and think about the size of your wedding and how each would fit. Maybe it will only be your sister’s two kids and no one else.

Final Note:
Sometimes you are really close to someone and they just aren’t wedding party ready. Maybe they don’t approve of the groom or are habitually late to everything or live in another state and can’t be part of any planning, DIY projects or dress shopping. It’s ok to NOT ask them to be in your wedding. Always be honest and be realistic in your expectations. Being part of a wedding party has responsibilities and choosing the right attendants will make all the planning just that much easier!

The author, Dane Kolbaba, is an owner at Chicago Party Bus, a luxury transportation company located in Chicago, Illinois.  While specializing in weddings and other special life events, Chicago Party Bus has lots of experience working with brides and grooms, wedding planners, DJ’s, officiants and other party vendors.  They have become a trusted source for anything wedding related. 

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Who knew desserts could be so …...Creative! Kensington sits down with Innovative Indulgences’ Founder, Joe Lamondi, to discuss his unique twist on special event desserts

Who knew desserts could be so …...Creative!  Kensington sits down with Innovative Indulgences’ Founder, Joe Lamondi, to discuss his unique twist on special event desserts :)

Event Planners are always looking for the newest most interesting thing to make a couple's special day more exciting and personal.  When we were first introduced to Joe and his delectable company we wondered how his dessert service could play a role at any special event. Now, we can't picture an event without him and his DELICIOUS desserts!  We may have gained a few pounds after gobbling up Joe' delightful treats but we are truly satisfied with his inventive approach to the "event dessert."

How did you into the culinary dessert industry?

I had been working in catering and event planning since I was in college, and always had a passion for being in the kitchen.  I came up with the idea for a warm cookie sundae event stand based on a dessert I had been making on my own for years.  Once I had the concept in place, I spent a few months playing around with different ingredients to create a great menu of unique “cookie pies.”

Thankfully, I knew lots of event planners and others in the industry, and I was able to get the name out through them and start doing events.  Each event we do is more and more exposure, and a way for people to see our product.

Have you always been a culinary buff?

Yes, I have always had a knack for being in the kitchen.  I am full-blooded Italian, so much of our family time is based around cooking and meals together.  My grandmother and mother are both incredible chefs, and I have been learning from them for my entire life.  My grandmother started me at two years old, kneading dough and mixing ingredients, so it was ingrained in me at a very early age.

Why cookies and desserts? What was the allure?

I love desserts because they are the conclusion of the meal: the last bite you will eat.  That

ecstatic feeling you get when you see the waiter walk up to your table with the perfect treat- that’s what I aim to create with each and every one of our cookie pies.   There is so much you can do with dessert for both taste and presentation, especially if you’re creative.

I love trying new combinations of ingredients, often times things you’ve never seen in a cookie, and then present them in a way that makes people’s eyes light up.

What is your favorite dessert invention?

In the kitchen, the giant Hobart mixer is my favorite invention.  It makes what we do so much easier, since we then don’t have to mix the doughs by hand.

What “sells” the most and what are the guest’s favorite choices?

Our most popular type of cookie pie is the brownie cookie bowl.  It is a cookie with the center scooped out and filled with brownie batter, then baked together.  We have a Turtle Brownie Cookie Bowl which is filled with walnuts and drizzled with caramel, and a Rainbow Brownie Cookie Bowl which has M&M’s baked in.


Other popular cookie pies are the Caramel Apple, and the Cookie Inception: a chocolate chip cookie, topped with fudge, cookie dough balls, and sprinkled with cookie bits.

We also have seasonal cookies and specials that are available.  Right Now we have a Maple Bacon Cookie, and Key-Lime Krunch, which is Key-lime flavored and topped with granola.

Can a couple “create” their own along with your help?

We do offer a customizable full service event stand that serves warm cookie pie sundaes or ice cream sundaes without the cookie pies.  Couples can choose which cookies they want to be served, as well as which toppings they’d like available to guests.

We have 14 different types of cookies, 8 different flavors of ice cream, and over 40 toppings to choose from, including hot fudge, warm caramel, whipped cream, sprinkles, Oreo’s, Reese’s, Butterfingers, etc…

Each guest can design their very own warm cookie sundae, customized to exactly how they want it.

Do you have Gluten-Free options?

We are in the process of making a gluten-free cookie that uses almond flour as a substitute.  Gluten-free is more popular than ever, so we are in the process of perfecting that before it is released.

Where do you work out of?

We have two kitchen locations: Highland Park and Chicago.  We offer local delivery all around the Chicagoland area, and nationwide shipping.  We also travel all over the state for catering events.

We’re hoping to open our first storefront within the next year.

What are the pros and cons of creating your own path in such a diverse industry?

Well, the main pro is of course that I can create my own desserts and release them as I please.  I’m someone who likes to tinker with ingredients and put together different combinations that I think will work together and see how it turns out, so that freedom is something that I love.

It is difficult to make it in this industry, but I find my product and services to be very unique.  When we are serving at events, frequently guest’s faces light up as they see our cookie pies and find out they get to design their own sundaes- that’s how I know I have a great product!

Do provide “full-service” (do you supply a staff for a wedding or event)?

Yes, we are.  For events such as weddings, birthdays, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, or corporate, we offer a full service event stand that is fully staffed.  We travel to your location with all our own equipment, and set-up on site.

We offer a warm cookie sundae stand that feature our cookie pies served warm, topped with ice cream, and the guest’s choice of toppings.

We also have an “Indulgent Ice Cream Stand” which features ice cream sundaes with over 40 different topping options.  The toppings we offer for that stand are really fun!  Toppings you have never seen on an ice cream sundae!

How can we get in contact with you?

Our website is:
Phone number is: (224) 661-3125
And e-mail is:

What is your culinary experience? Schooling, classes, etc.?

Aside from being raised in the kitchen, I began working in catering at 19; everything from cooking and baking to event planning, so I really got my feet wet in the industry with that, and have continued on that path ever since.

What is the typical price range for these delights?

For our event stand, we have two sizes of cookies: standard and mini.  For the standard sized cookie sundaes, it’s $5.50 per person, which includes the cookie, ice cream, unlimited toppings, and paper goods (bowls, spoons, napkins).  For minis, it’s $3.00 per person.

Pricing for the packaged cookies and party trays is available online at

What other fun culinary delights are you interested in?

Outside of desserts, I love to play with spices!  The hotter and spicier the better!  Of course as an Italian, my specialty is my marinara sauce. 

Whenever I cook or bake, I like to tweak what I’m making each time I make it until it’s perfected.

Who does all the cooking in your home? Do you ever get time off or are you constantly wowing your family with delicious new creations?

I do almost all of the cooking in my house.  Cooking and baking does not feel like work to me; if I could be in the kitchen for 12 hours a day, I would.

For holidays, my mom and I will do the cooking together.  We tend to make twice as much food as we should, but that’s what we always do.  Everyone that comes to our holiday parties takes home bags of food to go.
Happy Tasting! :)

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Top Travel Destinations and Tips with C.I.G.'s Finest Travel Agent Anna

Top Travel Destinations and Tips with C.I.G.’s Finest Travel Agent Anna:

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta  ….We are so very excited to have had the opportunity to sit down and speak with Anna from C.I.G. Travel about unique travel destinations, tips on traveling and fun activities for couples going on their honeymoon. 

How did you get into the travel business?

[Anna:]  I always had passion for traveling and exploring the world; I remember organizing trips for my classmates while in high school and what pleasure that gave me! Back then I knew that no matter what I do it has to do with travel.

What are some pluses and minuses of working in the travel business?
[Anna:]  There’s plenty of positive…. sites you get see around the world, meeting people from other cultures and backgrounds and having the opportunity to learn about them. I’d have to say that one negative would be there’s never enough time to do and experience everything!

 What are the top 5 hottest honeymoon destinations in the world and what are the top 5 most private and least traveled destinations?

[Anna:] my opinion might be bit different from the statistics but since you are asking me; there is: Hawaii (Maui and Kauai), French Polynesia, Saint Lucia in the Caribbean, and Santorini in Greece, and Maldives.

When it comes to the top 5 most private and least traveled I   would say: Peter Island and Mustique Island  in the Caribbean, Robinson Crusoe Island in Fiji, Tahaa Island in French Polynesia; Cayo Espanto in Belize

                                  Photo By:
Key tips to traveling? (passports, vaccinations, safety, etc.):
[Anna:]  Always make sure your passport is valid for at least 6 months before you leave your country, make sure to check visa requirement as well as vaccinations – you don’t want to be denied access to a country and return home on the same day. Also, if you are not a US citizen make sure to bring you green card. Your travel agent should let you know what you need based on where you are traveling. Make sure to leave your hotel information with your friends or family, in case they need to reach you.

What to bring, what to buy?
[Anna:] Depends where you are gowning. I always travel with: sunscreen, bug repellant, bathing suite, first aid kit, medicine for upset stomach, umbrella and layer of clothing; even if you are traveling to warm climate you might need a sweater or a windbreaker.

Can you give us some examples of Fun and unique activities for couples on vacations?

 [Anna:] Oh possibilities are endless! Hot air balloon rides, bicycling around Amsterdam, cooking classes in Italy or Asia, horseback riding, scuba diving, hiking to hidden waterfalls, yachting and of course couple massages are just a few to list.

Best and most flexible airlines?

[Anna:] Always try to buy a package deal, or charters provided by tour operators or resorts.
Any current deals available?

[Anna:] There are always deals! Are you ready to go? Call me and I will give you all the info.
Where do you recommend to go for a honeymoon? Why?

[Anna:] I always recommend Sandals Resorts or Adults only properties – they are high end and all luxury inclusive. Great service, authentic cuisine, fresh ingredients and top shelf alcoholic beverages. In all Sandals Resorts all water activities are included even scuba diving; golf is included if there’s a golf course. Also they have the best beaches with the calmest waters.
Where can we get in touch with you to book our next vacation?

 [Anna:]  You can email me at or or call me 773.701.3003

How are you different from or any other travel website?

[Anna:] We have the knowledge, experience and feedback from our clients. Also, we’ve been to many destinations and resorts and based on your needs will be able to narrow down the perfect place for you!

Remember….We do this all day…search and speak with people around the world. The best hotels, most exclusive and private resorts, bed and breakfasts, etc. That way we can book the vacation/honeymoon of your dreams and have you excited and looking forward to something from the second we speak with one another J

We are humans, not a computer and can be reached during business hours and many times after business hours through phone and email. This can be easier than trying to figure everything out yourself ….leave the work to the experts, it’s what we are here for!

Happy Travels! :)